Coaching for Endurance AthletesCustom designed training plan for cyclists and triathletes.  Each workout and each training block are based on your individual training needs and optimize training for your for your specific events.

Personal Training Carefully supervised, one-on-one exercise sessions designed to specifically meet the goals you want to achieve. I offer both private and group personal training.

VO2 Max Testing – Fitness testing for cyclists, runners and triathletes, which measures your oxygen consumption and identifies individual heart-rate training intensity for maximizing aerobic (fat-burining) and anaerobic (metabolism stimulation) thresholds.

RMR Testing – Metabolic testing to measure your Resting Metabolic Rate and determine the number of calories your body needs to maintain, lose or gain weight.

Body Composition Measurement – Skin fold assessment to determine your lean mass and body fat percentage.

Bike Fit – I will determine your optimal bike fit based on the duration and terrain of your key events, your pedaling style, skeletal structure, flexibility, and strength ratio of hip-extensors to knee-extensors.

Kickr Studio Classes – I will guide you through a 90 minute structured workout on your bike in a group setting. The M3 Studio utilizes the Wahoo Kickr Studio software to create a road like feel.  These classes are open to everyone from Beginners to Pros, committed cyclist to weekend riders.  The software and smart trainers allow everyone to pedal side by side with all workouts based on individual FTP.