Testimony & Results

185708_205214412825484_4687459_nSyn-Fit team members earned numerous race victories and many top finishes:

  • Six 1st Place finishes as MABRA and VCA Championships
  • Seven MABRA Series podium finishes
  • 11 Virginia State Championship medals
  • 40 top-three podium finishes • 118 top-ten finishes


38451424_10156398416202508_6961111542557310976_n (1)“I’ve been athletic all my life.  As a working mom, I struggle to fit-in being an athlete.  In my early thirties, after having my twins, I decided time was running out to try out competitive cycling.  I joined the team Adam co-founded and met him at that time.

Adam helped me set realistic goals – ones that forced me to challenge myself.  He introduced me to the concepts and culture surrounding competitive road racing.  Five years later, he’s still teaching me.  In each failure, he helps me find the lessons.  In each success, he helps me see how I could have gone just one step further.  Since I’m constantly juggling kids, work, husband and general life, my training needs to be flexible while at the same time, aggressive so I can achieve my goals.  Somehow, Adam helps me find the balance – pushing me when needed and making sure I get rest when I push too hard.

Two years ago, I decided to target time trials and wanted to crush everyone out there in my category.  I wasn’t sure it was possible and my mind is often my biggest challenge.  My training, starting in November, was on point.  Adam helped me keep focus when I was decidedly not motivated.  Before each race, he pumped me up for the challenge.  I ended up coming in second for the Mid-Atlantic Time Trials Series in MABRA and winning the women’s 35+ time trial championship.  I exceeded what I thought I could do and while I know I was the one doing the hard work, it was Adam’s thoughtfulness, guidance and motivation that got me through.

This coming year, I’ve set goals to break some personal records, and I’m excited for the challenge.  I also plan to take on triathlon, and fully expect that Adam I’ll be able to meet the challenge with Adam.”

-Claudette Archambault


“I’ve been with Adam for 15 years and through one liver transplant operation, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Adam is professional in every sense — courteous, knowledgeable, and attentive to the client. Adam thinks about what you need to be doing; what your capacities are and what they can become; and how much encouragement is enough versus how much will be excessive.

Adam is engaging without overdoing it. With him, exercise is an aspect of what you can do to improve your life and health, not either a passing fad or a fetish. The workouts are taxing — as they have to be in order to be beneficial — but I look forward to them anyway, because spending 20 or 30 minutes with him is just a quite pleasant and productive way to spend your time.”

-Bill Otis


“I have been using Adam’s services 3 times a week for almost 15 years. This decade and half should speak loud and clear about my opinion of Mr. Koon’s training ability. He listens, communicates and is punctual —a true professional. I have recommended Adam to numerous friends over the years with great acknowledgements.”

-Stuart Downs


“I have trained with Adam for over 10 years and would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer . I have exceeded my goals thanks to Adam’s expertise and professionalism.”

-Jack Koniszewski


“I’m an older guy who let himself get out of shape over the last four years. I finally responded to hectoring by my wife and started going to her personal trainer (Adam). He is knowledgeable, pleasant, and encouraging. He has kept me from hurting myself, kept me improving, and kept me coming back. If you can afford a personal trainer, it’s the way to go to get a weight training habit established and Adam is a good one.

-George Strawn


index_image332“In 2001 I was an average category 2 racer. I was able to finish most 1,2 races with the pack, but rarely was I able to be active or attack. It was all I could do to hang on to the wheel in front of me. I was pack fodder.

Adam began training me. He sat down with me and we determined my goals for the following season, which included races such as Espoir and Elite Nationals.

Over the winter I followed monthly training plans that Adam was able to write around my constantly changing work schedule. I was able to email and call him regularly, which allowed him to adjust my training if I was tired, or missed a workout.

This season has been the best ever! I exceeded the goals I set over the winter. Regionally, I’ve gone from just another number in the pack, to a marked man. I’ve been competitive in the National level races I’ve done. This transformation has happened for several reasons. One, the type of training Adam had me do is physiologically sound. Second, I started training for specific goals back in November. Adam structured months of training around specific dates. Third, Adam is a great motivator. There were times over the winter where motivation lagged, and Adam was there to keep me excited about racing, and remind me of my goals. Adam enjoys watching his athletes succeed!”

–Mike Voigt

  • 2003 Elite National Road Race Champion
  • 2003 Under 23 (Espoir) National Team Member
  • 2002 9th Place Elite National Road Race
  • 2002 11th Place Espoir National Road Race
  • 2001 Virginia State Omnium Champion (Category 2)
    • Gold Medal – Time Trial
    • Silver Medal – Road Race
    • Bronze Medal – Criterium


“I have been very happy with my progress this year, I feel like it is my best yet in spite of the fact that I am almost 52.  I would love to see my progress continue building strength, endurance, speed and race skills.  Thank you for your great help in my progress!!”

–Tom O’Neil


“While I have raced sporadically for many years, this was the first year where I followed a regular training plan.  It definitely paid off, particularly with my consistency.  I have learned more about training and racing in the past year than I have during the past 5 years of road bike riding.  Thanks again for all of your help, you are a great coach and have met every one of my expectations.”

–Chris Newport


“Adam has been helping me get into shape for the past 8 months and counting. I didn’t think I was in that bad a shape, but am now in the best condition I’ve ever been in my life! I actually see visually the difference (there is definition to my muscles – not just mass). It’s not easy, but the direction I received from Adam has definitely made a very noticeable difference in endurance, strength, as well as appearance.

After beginning weight training, I also took up cycling for more exercise. Adam is a cycling coach and began adapting my training effort to improve my cycling. I’m now quite comfortable I’ll be able to complete a hundred mile bike race, and even signed up to participate in a 150 mile charity event – in large part to the condition Adam has put me in.

It’s not just running you through the same set of exercises – he mixes it up to affect different muscles in different ways to get an overall improvement in tone and strength. I highly recommend Adam to anyone interested in becoming more fit. He’ll work you hard and make you wonder why you pay to put yourself through a rigorous workout. When the next session comes along and you whip through the same set much easier, and feel yourself sitting taller in a chair, and lifting things around the house without assistance – you can thank Adam.”

-Dave Kramer


Nima Ebrahimnejad 
Nima Ebrahimnejad

  • 2003 National Champion (Masters 30-34)
  • 2003 Virginia State Criterium – Gold Medal (Masters 30-34)
  • 2003 Virginia State Criterium – Bronze Medal (Category 1)
  • 2001 National Time Trial Champion (USABA)
  • 1999 National Road Race & Time Trial Champion (USABA)
  • 1999 Virginia State Criterium – Gold Medal (Masters 30-34)


Pedro Hijar

  • 2000 Virginia State Omnium Champion (Category 2)
  • Virginia State Championship Medals
    • 2003 Gold Medal – Criterium (Category 2)
    • 2002 Gold Medal– Criterium (Masters 30-34)
    • 2002 Bronze Medal Road Race (Masters 30-34)
    • 2000 Gold Medal – Road Race (Category 2)
    • 2000 Silver Medal – Time Trial (Category 2)
    • 2000 Silver Medal – Road Race (Masters 30-34)
    • 2000 Bronze Medal – Criterium (Masters 30-34)
    • 1999 Gold Medal – Road Race (Masters 30-34)
    • 1999 Silver Medal – Road Race (Category 2)
    • 1999 Silver Medal – Criterium (Masters 30-34)
    • 1999 Bronze Medal – Time Trial (Masters 30-34)
    • 1998 Gold Medal – Road Race (Masters 30-34)
    • 1998 Silver Medal – Criterium (Masters 30-34)
    • 1998 Bronze Medal – Time Trial (Masters 30-34)
    • 1998 Bronze Medal – Road Race (Category 2)


Jonathan Nathanson

  • 2003 Virginia State Criterium – Silver Medal (Juniors 15-16)
  • 2002 Virginia State Best All-Around Rider (Junior 15-16)
  • 2002 Virginia State Omnium Champion (Junior 15-16)
    • Silver Medal – Criterium
    • Bronze Medal – Time Trial
  • 2001 Virginia State Best All-Around Rider (Junior 10-14)
  • 2001 Virginia State Omnium Champion (Junior 10-14)
    • Gold Medal – Road Race
    • Silver Medal – Time Trial


Laura Borgelt

  • 2000 World Triathlon Champion (Under 29 – Athena 160-170)
    • 2000 World Record Holder – 2:32:25